16 mars 2015

Agatha Christie. "After the Funeral". 1953. Excerpts.

"But inquisitiveness can drape itself in a mantle of rectitude."

"- You will return now to your villa at Cyprus?
- Yes.
A little smile curved Helen Abernethie's lips.
Poirot said:.
- You are glad, yes. You have no regrets?
- At leaving England? Or leaving here, do you mean?
- I meant - leaving here?
- No - no. It's no good, is it, to cling on to the past? One must leave that behind one.
- If one can.
Blinking his eyes innocently Poirot smiled apologetically round on the group of polite faces that surrounded him.
Sometimes, is it not, the Past will not be left, will not suffer itself to pass into oblivion? It stands at one's elbow - it says I am not done with yet."

"- Yes, yes - you will give him the earth - because you love him. Love him too much for safety or for happiness. But you cannot give to people what they are incapable of receiving."